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Welcome to Our Pilates Studio


Discover the Many Benefits of Pilates

Increase Muscle Strength and Muscle Tone

Improve Balance and Flexibility

Reduce Chronic Aches and Muscle Pain

Boost Vitality and Energy Levels

Relieve Stress and Reduce Anxiety

Maintain a Healthy Metabolism

See What People are Saying

As an avid scuba diver who is getting a little older (68), I decided to try Pilates to improve my core strength and stability for balancing and stamina when wearing heavy gear and to be able to keep on diving for many years! I decided on Mark Delk Pilates after some research and reading reviews. I started about 6 months ago with Kathy McDowell and have experienced an increase in my strength and stability that has me feeling great when I am diving –  like I did 20 years ago! I am amazed at the changes in my muscle control and posture and general overall feeling of wellness.
Debbie Cacace

Mary changed my life!! She is an amazing, hands-on, and knowledgeable instructor. I look forward to classes every week!!!
-Jennifer Anderson

I started Pilates with Mary as a beginner more than a year ago. Mary has taught me so much with her knowledge, hands-on approach, and constant encouragement! I take class 3 days a week and love it. I recommend Mary’s instruction and classes without hesitation for the beginner or experienced. She is the best!
-Cathy Twomey

I have been working with Mary Delk for three years and have seen and felt tremendous improvement in pain relief, flexibility, and core strength. Mary has safely taught me during the pandemic and helped keep me strong and healthy.
Her individualized instruction keeps me focused and is always changing to work on whatever body parts need extra help that day.
My workouts are fun and I leave feeling stronger and better able to take on my day.

-Ellen Rosenblum

Mary is an absolutely incredible pilates instructor, athlete, and human. You are getting the whole-hearted package with her. I started working with mary virtually in the midst of covid and found myself hooked to her online mat classes. I scheduled my day around them and looked forward to feeling her energy each day through my laptop. Since then when I am home from training in Wisconsin I make it a priority to get in some classes with Mary as I have seen the awesome benefits, improved core strength/powerhouse & happy back, but also just simply love being around the bad*** sweetheart mary is. She cares so deeply about each of her clients and is as passionate as they come in her field. Get in there! You won’t regret it!
-Danielle Hart

“I've been working out with Mary Delk Pilates for almost 2 years now. I retired in the spring of 2016 and had had a desk job for over 40 years. Retirement made me even more sedentary, so I knew I needed to get up and get moving. My daughter is a client and a friend of Mary’s, so she put the two of us together and I haven't regretted one minute of it. I come about 22 mi each way twice a week to work out with Mary. She is so hands-on, positive, and knowledgeable and I love her and you will too, so come to try it!”
-Aylett Cullipher

"No two classes with Mary are ever the same! I have taken it for over 10 years. she is very in tune with each client's needs and is always stretching us to grow and improve. Mary is simply the best! "
-Gayle G

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